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The people of Ukraine have had their lives turned upside down and their livelihoods pushed to the brink. Millions have fled, and those who remain are joining in the nation’s valiant resistance to the Russian invasion. As Russia’s military presence in Ukraine continues, it is vital that the Ukrainian people receive aid and support. 100% of donations through Windermere go towards the organizations helping Ukraine.

What do we add to your journey?

  1. VALUE
    Places like Zillow estimates are not a stable source to gage from, since they are inaccurate a lot of the time. We get the most for you by helping set an accurate price on your property, or making a solid offer on the property you want. This way you won't be loosing out on valuable equity.
    We empathize with you! There are many emotions that can crop up. We understand every situation is unique, but confusion shouldn't be one of those emotions. We care about you and help ease those unneeded worries with knowledge and guidance every step of the way, while making space for your personal journey.
    We know assumptions and guessing only lead to misunderstandings and error. This is why we are constantly keeping you in the loop and checking on the status of your deal throughout the whole process. We answer your questions or guide you to a place to get the answers we may not be able to answer. Never again be left in the dark, frantically search for answers or worry if you are missing anything.


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(Review for Stephanie Peterson)

Stephanie was excellent in every aspect of the process; from the initial interview, to listing and marketing the house, explaining all the documents, dealing with/negotiating/investigating all of the issues that came up, explanations that helped me with decision making, and so much more. She was a tireless advocate and I never felt like I was in this all on my own. She has a great deal of integrity, she is honest, she is very smart and she is incredibly kind. I look forward to working with her when buying my next house.

(Review for Erik dordal)

I met Erik in 2008, I had another realtor I wasn't happy with and upon meeting Erik I knew he would be a great fit. He is honest and trustworthy, so when it came time to sell my mom's house in 2017, I didn't consider anyone else. I had specific wishes and goals. Erik is so flexible, yet he makes sure I know about other options. He knows us, we have never felt like a stranger with him. He has a great laugh, a great personality and makes the process smooth. He is always professional and knows our local market. He also makes sure we know we are a priority. Quick to respond to questions, we always feel important. I wouldn't consider any other realtor.

(Review for Joelle Chester)

Joelle was wonderful to work with! She was very knowledgeable, upbeat, used great communication consistently throughout the process, and was very professional! Great job Joelle and thank you again for all of your help!

(Review for Desiree Renshaw)

Desiree is simply the BEST! She helped us get our home sold quickly and helped us get into our new home, which is exactly what we were looking for. It wasn't necessarily a straight forward deal but had many moving parts happening all at once. Desiree was very creative and dedicated. She helped us avoid living in a temporary rental. Being a Realtor isn't a hobby for Desiree, it's something she takes pride in working hard for every client. Great communicator, hardworking, honest, and diligent. We loved working with Des and we will continue to refer her to all of our friends and family!

(Review for Cathy Dernbach)

Thank you seems so inadequate! We truly appreciate all you’ve done to make the sale of one home and purchase of another go as smoothly as it did. Your attention to detail . . . made the whole experience less stressful! As if it wasn’t enough, you then bought us dinner on the eve of our big move. We feel blessed to have you in our lives both as a friend and as our realtor.

(Review for Darren Lawson)

My wife . . . talked me into going with Darren and it was the best choice of our lives. The market was and is very demanding and we required a lot of attention due to changes of what we really wanted. Darren, you stuck with us through thick and thin. You listened to our ups and downs, personal and business. Your recommendations were very valuable and soothing when we needed it the most.  . . .  So many change their behavior patterns after so many years in the market.  . . . Don’t change your personal contact with people, and your one on one walk through from beginning to end. This is what separates you from them. We personally wish you the best for now and into the future.

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